Our Consulting Services

At BuildersGroup we work for you.

Home renovation projects can be very stressful, time consuming.
Put our experience to work for you and allow us to provide you with peace of mind.


Design Consultation

Some projects will require the services of a designer or architect to meet code standards and municipal requirements for permits.

Put BuildersGroup to work for you and allow over a half century of expertise and experience to smooth the process of the design and permit phase of your project.

Budgeting – Scheduling

Depending on the size and scope of your project, our consultants will work closely with you to establish a proper budget, ensure contingency fees for unexpected concerns. We believe budgets are to be met but not exceeded.

Further consultation for scheduling is key as project timelines matched to required trades people to do the job.

Monitoring your Project

Our consultants will inspect and monitor the job every step of the way with you.

We can assist you with any concerns quickly and efficiently to keep your project on track.

Meeting Critical Time Frames – Dispersing Payments

As with any home project, there are deposits and payment schedules that must be met on a timely basis.

We advise when those dates are, what levels of completion need to be met and when it is time to discharge those payments.

Quality Control – Ensuring you get what you want

Our consultants do not rest until you are satisfied completely that your project as planned meets all of the expectation agreed upon and planned.

It’s in our DNA.

Final Project Sign-off – project completed

Our consultants will ensure project completion and that all aspects of your project are completed, sighed off, properly inspected and come to conclusion.