Servicing the South Vancouver Island Region – Residential Project Consulting
we work for you the home owner

BuildersGroup is a fully integrated company. BuildersGroup provides you with over a half century of construction experience.
BuildersGroup is not a general contractor.

BuildersGroup works with you and for you the owner. We can advise and help you with any project you wish to undertake.

  • Need a new roof – call BuildersGroup.
  • Need a new bathroom or kitchen – call BuildersGroup.
  • Want to add that addition you have always wanted to do but were not sure how to undertake such a task – call BuildersGroup.

At BuildersGroup we take you through it step by step, we provide you the peace of mind and confidence to know that your project will be done to your expectations – on time on budget.

BuildersGroup ensures that your project is up to code, all permits required are in place and all aspects have been done to the highest standard. Because you expect no less.

At BuildersGroup we demand it. We work for you.

With the added benefit that in most cases we can also provide you with substantial savings.

It’s win win. Expertise and stress-free savings.

Our team ...

Our consultants put decades of experience in the construction industry to work for you
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What do we do ...

Home projects can be daunting and stressful
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What are the steps ...

We help you plan and manage your project. Use our experience to your advantage.
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Quality vetted trades

Use your own trades or choose trades from our vetted list
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